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Internet Marketing Book

We’ve written the book on Internet marketing. Published by Pearson’s in the Que Biz-Tech series, Internet Marketing Start to Finish: Drive measurable, repeatable online sales with search marketing, usability, CRM, and analytics is your view behind-the-scenes at how Pure Visibility gets results.

The Definitive Book from Pure Visibility

This is unlike any other Internet marketing book you’ve read; it knits together multiple tools and techniques from paid search, search engine optimization, customer relationship management, usability, and analytics into a cohesive methodology that you can use to start improving your bottom line. We are confident that this is the best Internet marketing book for your business.

By using the techniques described in detail in this book, you can define your “online sales engine” to maximize your online sales.

This book guides you through the initial strategic decisions, shows you how to integrate different disciplines to improve ROI, and teaches you to measure and track the right data. You’ll be able to identify what works (and what doesn’t) in your marketing campaigns, to achieve increased leads and sales.

Break Down Silos

Use the online sales engine process covered in this book to break down silos in your organization and connect the dots between marketing and sales. Get people focused on tangible data and business results, to make sound business decisions on both offline and online marketing programs.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly which marketing effort drove more sales or generated better quality leads? That’s exactly what this book delivers… a way to track marketing data over to sales results.

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Paperback Edition: $23.99 Ebook Edition: $19.19

by Catherine Juon, Dunrie Greiling & Catherine Buerkle

Get Real Data

You need accurate data to find out which marketing programs generate more leads and sales. Set up more online tracking, dig deep into the data, and get your answers. “Close the loop” between your marketing campaigns and the resulting leads and sales by getting and using actual data to connect the dots.

The book covers search engine optimization and paid search analytics and key performance indicators in detail, and broadens the search for accurate data by combining phone calls with clicks to get the big picture for your business.

Improve Conversion Rates, Lower Costs

You’ll learn how to apply a number of techniques in this book (tweak your landing pages, optimize paid search campaigns, improve usability, apply good SEO principles, etc.) to increase both the quality and quantity of leads and sales. Focusing in on the right customer for your products or services results in both reduced advertising costs and improved ROI.

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