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Partners & Certifications

While many Internet marketing companies have individuals who are certified in one Google tool or another, at Pure Visibility, several things distinguish our industry certifications:

  • Our certifications from partners such as Google and Yahoo! are at the company level, not the individual level.
  • Team members are cross-certified individuals in multiple disciplines. For example, the web metrics analysts are also certified in paid search tools, and vice versa.

Industry Certifications

Both Google and Bing set rigorous standards for their partners: individual employee testing, company-wide benchmarking, and proven ability to manage engagements successfully over time. You can be confident in our ability to set up your web analytics to address core metric needs, identify what works on your site, and help you maximize the value of each and every visitor.

Partner Companies

At Pure Visibility, we believe in strong partnerships to extend our core expertise in integrated digital marketing. We collaborate with many web design agencies on behalf of our customers, and also bring in special expertise from partners on projects, when needed. Our partners include Agency LEAD and WAVU Digital.

Agency LEAD stands out from the crowded agency universe with its top-flight team and groundbreaking creative ideas. They specialize in social, search, tech & mobile, and strategy. Pure Visibility partners with LEAD to deliver outstanding social media services.

As a communications and content strategy agency, WAVU Digital is focused on helping clients create not only compelling content but also consumable content by leveraging more entertainment-oriented content, bringing film, food, fashion, music and sports concepts into the content strategy. This ultimately drives a more well informed, highly engaging design, user experience and customer outcome.