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Michigan Manufacturing Week – But what does that have to do with SEO?

This week is Michigan Manufacturing Week, which celebrates the manufacturers in our state. Not only is Pure Visibility excited to see other Michigan businesses thriving, but we are pleased to know that some are using Internet marketing as part of their success strategy.

PV has had the privilege of working with several local manufacturing companies, including a manufacturer and installation service company for custom security systems. Through the use of Google AdWords, online advertising and improved web-copy, this client ranked higher in organic searches and increased online sales by an amazing 900%!

Internet marketing can be an effective way to measure ROI for marketing efforts.  For our custom security systems client, we were able to use analytics and sales tracking to determine the exact ROI; we discovered that this client achieved just under $2 million in online sales by the end of their first full year with the new strategy. This translated to nearly $20 in sales for every dollar spent on advertising. The following year, continuing optimizations allowed for an additional 40% increase in revenue with only a 30% increase in advertising spend.

We’ve seen first hand the difference that online marketing can make to the success of a manufacturing business.  During Michigan Manufacturing Week, we join in celebrating the continued growth of this legacy industry that’s the foundation of our state’s economy.

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Lauren Segall is the Office Manager and "Genie" at Pure Visibility since 2010, specializing in a little bit of everything. With a background primarily in Marketing, Public Relations and Event Planning, Lauren also works within PV's Human Resources, Finance and IT departments. You can connect with Lauren on LinkedIn

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