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Google AdWords automatic Click-to-call phone numbers in ad text

AdWords Click-to-callPhone numbers within Google AdWords are getting an upgrade. Google will now automatically update all phone numbers within ad text to a Click-to-call number. This will have the largest impact on mobile phones.

While searching on your mobile device, if you come across an ad similar to the one shown, you will now be able to immediately dial the number by clicking on it. Google Voice users signed in on their desktop will also be able to call by clicking.

This feature is separate from Call Extensions which once applied to your AdWords campaign, creates a unique phone number that is trackable by Google. This is done by dynamically creating a phone number that once it is dialed, routs through Google’s system for tracking, and is then immediately forwarded to the company’s call center or office. Google uses a “pay-per-call” model (similar to pay-per-click) to charge for this feature.

Google does not charge for including phone numbers within the ad text. There are many benefits for both Call Extensions and Click-to-call numbers. It is best to use whichever one provides the largest return. Happy calling!

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