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Commuting to Pure Visibility HQ in Downtown Ann Arbor

One of my favorite things about the Pure Visibility team is that many of us walk, bike, and bus to work.

Since we’ve moved from the Pineapple Building (on Depot Street) to the First National Building (201 S. Main Street), we’re now within the boundaries of getDowntown’s Go! Pass, an inexpensive yearly bus pass for downtown commuters. But, even before our move and access to the bus passes, I was struck by the team’s commitment to low impact, low hassle commuting.

Yes, we do use cars to go to client meetings. Yes, our team includes folks who do drive to work. Still, there’s something wonderful about our group of dedicated pedestrians and the support we get from each other to make it work.

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About Dunrie Greiling

Dunrie Greiling is the former Chief Operating Officer at Pure Visibility, but her favorite job title at PV was Director of Happiness. She co-authored the book Internet Marketing Start to Finish, published by Pearson Education, Que Publishing. At her personal blog, Scientific Ink, she writes about things like yoga, knitting, and travel. She can be found on Google+, LinkedIn, and microblogs on Twitter as @dunrie.

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