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Getting to know our clients – Arbor Teas awakens Pure Visibility’s inner tea party

Tea Party
We love our clients. We are passionate about helping our clients grow, and in the process of learning how best to help them, we often become almost as passionate as our clients are about their own products. We’re particularly passionate, might I say, sweet fragrant pineapple-passionate about our client Arbor Teas.

Arbor Teas offers the best loose leaf, fair trade, and organic teas around, in a range of varieties from herbal chamomile mint and redbush/Rooibos teas, from delicate Japanese green teas, to sweetly perfumed Jasmine tea, to traditional high tea British varieties like Earl Grey and Irish Breakfast, to my personal favorite lovely smoky aromatic and strong Lapsang Souchong. And, ArborTeas has been very thoughtful about their packaging, offering their teas in recyclable, parchment-lined paperboard canisters that are much lighter on the environment than the tins typically used to deliver tea. What’s not to like?

Jeremy brought us a variety of teas to go with the cute little chartreuse teapot we bought from them. He brought us a selection of 6 canisters: vanilla peach Rooibos (warm-scented herbal tea), decaf Earl Grey black tea (luscious floral Bergamot notes), Kukicha green tea a.k.a. “twig tea” (delicate and bright), Pinapple Passion Green tea (floral fruity wow!), mellow Greenwood Estate Ceylon black tea (soothing and warm), and Ti Kuan Yin a.k.a. “The Iron Goddess of Mercy” Oolong .

Now, I have to admit I’m a tea lover. I drink no coffee, and I’ve been ordering my tea from Arbor Teas and its predecessor New World Tea for a while now. They have completely spoiled me for anonymous bagged tea. I carry tea with me when I travel, and I’m pretty particular about the variety. But, Pure Visibility is a coffee office. There’s coffee brewed in the morning, we offer coffee to our clients, and the $2 lattes on Wednesday across the street at Espresso Royale Cafe are a routine.

The Friday after Jeremy brought by the tea, Catherine and I were sitting down for a chat at the boomerang table by the elevators, and we decided to open up the pineapple passion tea and make a little pot. By the time it had steeped, three more tea-samplers had joined us so we had to divide it into 5 mugs. The hub-bub attracted additional folks, so we refilled the pot and kept pouring. The coffee drinkers came out of their workspaces and milled about, fascinated by the colors, shapes, and scents of the tea. No one could believe the floral fruity pineapple passion tea.

A tea-tasting and smelling frenzy began. We ripped open all the other tea canisters to sniff their varied fragrances. We filled and emptied the pineapple passion teapot again. We have continued a tea tasting each afternoon since, we’re working our way through the six varieties we were given. So far the pineapple passion is the favorite, and I’m secretly hoping no one else likes the oolong so I get it all to myself.

Thank you Jeremy for your generosity! It has awakened our inner tea connoisseur and given us a fun excuse to hang out for a few moments in the afternoon while we taste the next variety of tea. Now all we need is a yummy luscious luxury delectable chocolate client, and I’ll be in heaven.

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