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Mike Beasley vs. Michael Beasley

Overall, we are very pleased to have acquired Mike Beasley. His experience and training in usability is indispensable; his input can really improve the user experience on websites. But one wonders what it would be like to have Michael Beasley around the office. I decided to do a quick comparison.

Name Mike Beasley Michael Beasley
Visual Impact

via Keith Allison on Flickr

via Keith Allison on Flickr

Height 5’10″ 6’8″
Education B.A. & M.S.I. University of Michigan 1 yr. Kansas State
Organizations Pure Visibility, Compuware, Thomson Gale, MiUPA, ACM SIGCHI Kansas State, Chicago Bulls? Miami Heat??!
Income As of April 2008, Mike was earning more than Michael It is generally believed that whichever franchise picks Michael in the 2008 NBA Draft will pay him more than Pure Visibility pays Mike
Strengths User experience, public speaking Ambidextrous, scores like 26 pts/game
Stuff in common Likes sneakers, likes hip hop music, has been to Manhattan Kansas Likes sneakers, likes hip hop music, has been to Manhattan Kansas
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2 Responses to "Mike Beasley vs. Michael Beasley"

  • Mike Beasley
    Mike Beasley
    June 27, 2008 - 11:20 am Reply

    We lack any data on that, so we’ll have to leave it at “inconclusive.”

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