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Very Happy Birthdays at Pure Visibility!

We love cake! Every month we have a birthday or two and we celebrate with a gathering around the “cake”. The cake will come in various shapes and sizes, but this month is extra special for a few reasons.
Jason Young, Daniel O'Neil, Dunrie GreilingYesterday, we celebrated some very special birthdays: Jason Young (our Information Superhighway Tour Guide), Daniel O’Neil (our Alchemist), and Dunrie Greiling (our Director of Happiness).

So of course we would need a very special cake for these very special team members! Only the best will do, after all, Jason is a foodie, Dunrie is an exquisite baker, and Daniel…well he loves his cake!

Chocolate Raspberry Birthday Cake from Jefferson Market and Cakery

This chocolate raspberry cake with white frosting (design based on a Google search listing) was amazing and who knew that Ann Arbor’s very own Jefferson Market made these delicious birthday cakes! Well of course Jessica Hullman (our Analytics Muse) did – thank you for enlightening us Jessica!

And Happy Birthday Jason, Daniel and Dunrie!!!

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About Linda Girard

Linda is the Visionary and CEO of Pure Visibility. Living and breathing in the world of search for over 10 years, she is obsessed with her team, the future of search, and transforming the world. Have a question or a smashing idea...ping her on Google+, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @lgirard.

One Response to "Very Happy Birthdays at Pure Visibility!"

  • Dave Brenner
    July 21, 2008 - 11:28 am Reply

    Happy Birthday gang!

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