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PPC Pirates at Pure Visibility

Pirates have taken over at PV! See below…

Subject: Avast! Pretty Kitty Time In Your August Burndown

PPC Pirate, Paid Search Pirate, Pure Visibility Pirate


I’m relaying this for Gayathri,
who I just made walk the PPC plank,
into the shark-infested Sea of Invalid Clicks.
She was a scurvy sea dog,
whose soul now wonders erratically in the Land of Lost Impression Share.
Her ghost is forever known as the Vixen of Vengeance,
and haunts those who do not participate on the PrettyKitty account.

To save you from her ghost,
and because I’m over allocated right now,
and because you have some extra time for this month,
five hours of time for PrettyKitty was transferred to your lane for this month.

According to my treasure map,
this account is paid for with golden doubloons!

You will probably not use all of these hours,
and that is not a problem.
But if anything comes up this month that involves PrettyKitty,
you’ll have the time for it.

Stay safe,
and always remember,
dead men tell no tales.

Swab the poop-deck!,

Brent  Bowles
Optimizer Prime / Pirate Search Analyst
Pure Visibility, Inc.

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