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Work from home? Heck, yeah!

Work from Home? Heck, yeah!

The recent announcement from Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, requiring employees to show up at the office or to quit made me realize how we at PV benefit from remote flexibility and are moving away from this model. A good percentage of our team works remotely and/or commutes a couple of times per week.  Quite often, some of us (on-site employees) are doing our internet marketing work from coffee shops or our home offices when we are writing detailed reports or researching or working on proposals  — allowing us to concentrate and getting the job done more productively!

Another thing at PV that blends well with my introvert personality is the option to squirrel away in a conference room or to squat on a bean-bag by the window. When I interviewed at PV nearly two years ago, I was shown around the office and walking around the open floor plan scared me just a bit as I was used to working in a traditional office space with doors!  I was immediately relieved when I was shown a cozy spot called the ‘cone of silence’  – a room with bean bags, windows, lots of light, and a door.  Our new space in Kerrytown is even more open but hey, we didn’t forget to make it safe for our introvert colleagues – the lounge is a haven with quiet nooks, a couple of desks are set up further away from the ‘bullpen’ and by large windows, and there are extra conference rooms!

PV lounge - privacy time

PV lounge!

More privacy - conference rooms with lots of natural light!

More privacy – conference rooms with lots of natural light!

That’s not all – we follow Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to guide our present and future company vision and mission; as part of this, employees are encouraged to take regular clarity breaks off-site to reflect ‘on the business’ instead of ‘in the business’. These breaks are refreshing and energizing but the key factor is being off-site with a blank notepad and a writing instrument; not a time for you to tick things off your to-do list!

Given the conveniences that come with advanced technology, it is not hard to stay in touch with satellite teams: we use Google Hangout for our meetings to ensure that we don’t lose the face-to-face opportunity. Similar to other workplaces, we use instant messaging, texting, and a slew of cloud-based software for communicating internally, sharing documents, and staying on the same page.  Also, having ground rules for remote work and honoring the same goes a long way in making team collaboration seamless irrespective of whether we are all in the same room or not!

Google hangout with remote team mates

Google Hangout with remote team mates

I can’t help but think this requirement of having employees show up at the office daily will not only make hard-working employees look for other considerate options but also stifle productivity in due time. Most of all, I am reminded again that I am grateful for the perks PV offers – as an employee; as a mum; and as an introvert!

Pure Visibility Corporate Headquarters photo courtesy: Jeff Garland

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Gayathri Sriram, a Bangalorean, moved to Michigan nearly fourteen years ago as an Electronics Engineer. Studying for her Masters in Business Information Systems at Eastern Michigan University and working as a programmer/manager at Institute of Language Information and Technology honed her project management experience. Gayathri’s strong organizational skills and her ability to see the big picture led her to quickly move into project management and director roles. Gayathri is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has extensive linguistic, international, and IT experience and draws on these in her role as Director of Client Services at Pure Visibility. Gayathri enjoys working with the PV team to ensure that client goals and expectations are met and that all of Pure Visibility’s customers see bottom-line results and a great return on their investment. You can follow Gayathri on Google+