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How Many Sales Leads are You Missing Each Day on Google?

Have you ever thought about how many people are searching for your product or service at this very moment? Do they find you or are they finding your competitors, the companies that have optimized their web site to be found for the right keyphrases at the right moment.

Keeping the sales pipeline bursting with sales opportunities is important right? Each day your company may have the most amazing sales team making calls, setting up meetings, delivering proposals, and closing deals. Your marketing team is responsible for generating many of the leads to keep your sales team scoring sales.

When you look at your leads pie chart 1/4 may come from the web site, another 1/4 from your carefully chosen tradeshows, 1/4 from direct inquiry, and another 1/4 from a referral. These leads are filtered to your sales team so they can qualify and find the leads that will deliver ultimate value to your company.

This is a typical cycle I have seen for several years now. Of course the pie chart varies…and ideally it would be fantastic if you could have 3/4 of your leads coming from the web site you are so proud of and have been working so hard at branding and developing for the past year. WHAT IF…most of the leads were coming from organic search results. You remember that search engine results section where you don’t have to pay Google for placement but is extremely challenging to attain. Radical thought…I know…but it’s possible right?

Just in case you need to convince yourself that you are missing opportunities run a keyphrase check with Google’s keyword tool and see how many searches have been performed in the last month for your favorite keyphrase. Then compare how well you rank for your special words on Google. Look at all that competition – out of all those listings there will be one chosen. And you know one thing for sure, you were not chosen. But what if you could have taken even 5% of those searches. So what can you do about it now?

Competition is growing and staying on top naturally continues to grow more challenging. Everyday there is an exciting new search engine update like the very recent Google’s Farmer aka Panda update. This update pushed many web sites with low-quality content off the first page – and all due to poor content. Now that the spammers are out of the way, you need to seize the moment and start developing great content for the difficult topics you have been targeting since day one of your strategy. Timing is everything! The door is wide open to great opportunities – start writing!

PS. Our clients did not experience any setbacks from the Panda update because our wonderful team ensures their content is original and relevant at all times! Gooo Team!!

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About Linda Girard

Linda is the Visionary and CEO of Pure Visibility. Living and breathing in the world of search for over 10 years, she is obsessed with her team, the future of search, and transforming the world. Have a question or a smashing idea...ping her on Google+, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @lgirard.

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