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Google AdWords Success Training Reviews

Pure Visibility is offering our Monthly Google AdWords Success Workshop 5/9/2008. This class provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to get more from their pay-per-click advertising. Missed the May 9 training? Check out our schedule of classes and events – we’ll continue to offer this monthly on the second Friday.

Here are some reviews from last month’s class:

I thought the following were definite strong points about the class:

  • Being comprehensive and starting with the basics
  • Really good definition of key terms at the beginning and reinforced throughout the class
  • It is VERY cool that we sign in and perform labs on our own accounts
  • I really like the emphasis on “”pressure points”” in the process…what levers (keywords, ad copy, landing pages) can be tweaked and what their impact is on the core metrics.
  • It was good length; I thought pacing was very good; time for “lecture” vs “labs” was good.

There were several things I really liked about this class. The first of which was how figuring out how much you should pay for a lead or a sale was addressed. I, for one, never considered this as an important component to setting up an AdWords campaign. The explanation of how it was calculated was very simple to understand and it’s definitely something I would have never touched on personally if you hadn’t brought it to my attention.

Secondarily I thought the class was useful to a wide range of people. I had some experience with AdWords prior to the class and I certainly learned something and [the colleague]…I brought with me had hardly any experience with AdWords at all and he learned a ton.

Lastly, I think you did a good job of taking someone from setup to activation of an account. I’m confident that anyone could setup their own account using these materials provided in this class.

I think that you also did a really nice job responding to questions and diving into topics of specific interest to our small group. I imagine that this would be much more difficult to do in a larger group (at least without blowing past your time time slots); but I felt quite privileged to be part of a small class with so much time spent on questions.

Again, this was a really great class that exceeded my expectations. Thanks very much.

Heard enough? Come on and join us for the next session! The training class is suitable for quick-witted beginners and seasoned veterans. Register now.

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