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Google To Begin Charging For Directions Location Extensions

Google To Begin Charging For Directions Location Extensions.

Google just announced another way they will charge you when searchers click on the directions found on some AdWords ads. Advertisers do have an opt out option of having their driving directions appear to avoid these charges.

So why is Google doing this? I suspect that they have been watching the patterns of searchers and there has been a rise in people clicking on driving directions and phone numbers via mobile search (a signal of the increase in mobile search). Another revenue model for Google and another way for advertisers to increase traffic to their businesses. So this could be a good thing, but see for yourself! Check your metrics in Google Analytics of course first before making any changes.

Google says “You can see the number of clicks on directions in the same place as your other click metrics (select Segment, then Click type from your summary tables). You can review the performance of these clicks to determine if they’re helping you meet your marketing goals.”

Best advice ever….try it!

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