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Technology Goals, Network Neutrality & PPC Ads

The minutia of technology news tends to distract me from the big picture. The specs of the new Macbook, AMD backing off the move to next generation chips, plans for a YSM or adCenter Desktop Editor, the widget that makes you look like Shepard Fairey’s Obama portrait…etc. I’d like to briefly reflect on the big picture, and momentarily shelve my enthusiasm for the latest and greatest.

As of yesterday, America has a new President. What do you think about the new administration’s technology goals? I think I see Eric Schmidt’s fingerprints on some of those priorities, particularly health informatics and energy ideas that overlap with Google.org goals. It’s interesting to see network neutrality prioritized; it’s right at the top of the page. [Here’s a Washington Post article on the subject. Tech Crunch has a pretty good piece too.]

The issue as I understand it: should website owners pay telecoms for higher levels of service, to make their sites run better than their competitors, and help those companies like Verizon, ATT, pay for their networks by doing so…

Now, fair warning, I’m going to try to incorporate this big picture stuff to Pure Visibility’s business.   I often think about democratic aspects of online experience. And I think the text ads that Google, Yahoo & Microsoft display, are pretty democratic. Yes, they use an auction system, so you pay for higher visibility. But regardless of who the advertiser is or how much they bid, their text ad will be four lines of text. At Pure Visibility, we talk regularly about goals for what we do. The co-founders of the company, Catherine and Linda, are very community oriented, and dedicated to helping Michigan businesses grow. I like that text ads provide an effective opportunity that scales well for businesses of all sizes to reach customers online.   I like that the barrier to entry is such that is system is a viable opportunity for companies spending millions of dollars a year, or only a few dollars a month.

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