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Ask.com launches AskEraser – what does it mean to searchers?

Ask.com, a second tier search engine, launches AskEraser that protects the privacy of the users searches on Ask.com. This new option located in the upper right hand corner of the search page, may very well make search engine marketing even more interesting. It erases your IP address, User ID, Session ID, and the complete query text. Which means that Ask is not sharing the information with web site analytics and the web site owner will never know if visitors are coming and converting from Ask.

But just how important is privacy to searchers?

It appears this experiment will prove how important privacy is to searchers. If this option is well utilized this will further change Ask.com’s brand to be the answer to “private searches” and perhaps other search engines will adopt the “eraser”. This will produce an interesting challenge for those who rely on analytics to determine how well their site performs on Ask.com. If they do not see visitors coming to their site and converting into sales leads from Ask.com they may continue to consider the search engine as second tier.

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