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Google Exposing Search Options

It’s been a few weeks since Google made changes to the user interface of its search results. In putting more advanced search options more firmly in front of the user, Google has broken with one of the factors that is widely credited for their success – keeping it simple.
Although search is a popular way for people to get information, search expertise is not something that comes naturally to humans. Novice searchers tend to make shorter queries and ignore advanced search options. It hasn’t helped that advanced search options have historically been obtuse and better suited to those that educate themselves on their use.

Nonetheless, advanced search options may lead users to more relevant search results. Google is clearly betting that they can make this functionality easy to use (in much the way that Microsoft did with Bing).

Will it work? I doubt that we’ll ever know for sure. At best, we’ll either see it quietly disappear or, more likely, slowly evolve. I think that adoption will be slow. There will be users that see the items in the left column as noise (and will therefore ignore it), and others that see it but not understand how those search options affect their search results. In both cases, it reflects the fact that users don’t go to Google to play around with the interface. They go there to leave as quickly as possible – to find a promising search result and go to it.

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