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The Manufacturing Industry can thrive with the Google Money Machine!

A few days ago, I read an article in the New York Times, The Humans Behind the Google Money Machine, and a quote continues to linger with me: “I wouldn’t quite go so far as to say we are recession-proof,” said Hal R. Varian, Google’s chief economist. “But we are recession-resistant.”

In the article, this quote speaks directly about how Google is faring in this economy. However the quote specifically made me think about our clients, especially those in the manufacturing industry. They are also recession-resistant online. Is Google protecting them because they continue to see the leads and sales coming in from Google AdWords and Google’s natural search listings? It certainly appears to be the case. Granted the clients do have landing pages that qualify and convert visitors into leads, which is not the responsiblity of Google but instead of us – their Internet marketing firm.

Our manufacturing clients are forward thinking innovators, they followed our recommendations and today they are on a fast growing path to increasing revenue. For example, Saline Lectronics (specializes in manufacturing mid-volume, high-mix electronic printed circuit board assemblies) , is enjoying this growth in many ways, this recent article in the Michigan Business Review “Advanced manufacturing makes gains in Michigan” says it all:

In Saline, meanwhile, Sciberras said Saline Lectronics is in contract discussions with a New Zealand firm that has identified the U.S. as a good place to do business because of the weak dollar.

“We have a company that is in town from New Zealand that looked us up and they’re thinking about bringing their whole production to the United States and they’re asking us to quote it,” Sciberras said.

I am proud of Saline Lectronics and all the manufacturing companies that have learned how to embrace the Internet as a vital part of doing business! No more excuses for those of you living in the world of manufacturing…Google can be your Money Machine if you embrace it!

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  • jeson
    June 4, 2008 - 7:30 am Reply

    Very interesting blog regarding the internet marketing and regarding its success. Thanks for heading us to the success relating to the internet marketing.

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