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Has your Google ranking suddenly changed? Don’t panic!

It has happened to anyone who watches their organic ranking. One day you are drinking a cup of coffee and you pull up your browser to look at where your site is for your favorite keyphrase. Then you spill your coffee in horror: IT’S GONE! Your website is not there.

How is this possible? You haven’t made any major changes in months. Your website been steady as a rock at the top of the rankings for over a year. How could the site suddenly lose so much visibility?

It probably didn’t. In our experience rankings don’t change suddenly if no major SEO efforts are underway. Instead they slowly shift over time. However, there are a number of things that can create sudden shifts, or the appearance of them. Here are a list of things you can do to confirm whether or not the change in ranking is a real problem, a temporary blip, or even just a trick your browser is playing on you.

  • Make sure your site’s browser history isn’t influencing your personal search engine results. Not everyone gets the same search results. Search engines use clickthroughs and search history to provide tailored results to each individual user, especially Google. If you are not clicking on search results when they come up, Google may change them to see if the results are more to your liking. Clear the browser history by logging out and deleting all the cookies associated with google.com, then retry the search. If that doesn’t work, then…
  • Wait six or seven days to determine if Google has made one of their periodic “Algorithm changes”. In the past two years we have seen many of our clients experience sudden, dramatic changes in ranking for no discernible reason. Generally this occurs during a period when Google is adjusting their algorithm, either to improve the quality of searches or when introducing new complexity in universal search. In most cases, rankings steadily or suddenly improved after a week, and were generally back to normal within sixty days.
  • Remind Google that you’re still around. One easy way to make sure that Google gets your site back on its radar as soon as possible is to use the Google Webmaster tools to resubmit your sitemap. This will facilitate the recovery of your site’s visibility. While you’re at it, submit the sitemap again to Yahoo! and Bing.

If, after you have done all this, your site remains low in ranking after ten days, then something else significant has occurred that is having a real impact on your site’s visibility. This could be any number of things, from being linked to a site that suddenly lost credibility with Google to a major change in Google’s universal search categorizations. Keep your site’s log files, write down everything you did to try to fix the ranking, and then contact an SEO company who can help you get some answers.

Our hope, however, is that things will quickly right themselves and soon you’ll be happily drinking coffee and checking your high rankings again!

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