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Spreading the Internet all over the World

Imagine a world where every human being on the planet has access to the Internet. Even countries where poverty today threatens their existence….what would the power of sharing knowledge with these people do – who could never dream outside of what they already only know.

Yesterday on NPR, I heard that a startup group, called O3b Networks is purchasing 16-low-earth orbit satellites with the help of Google, Liberty Global and HSBC. This venture will bring Internet service to three billion people in Africa, Asia and South America!

I wish I could see their expressions as they see Google for the first time!

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About Linda Girard

Linda is the Visionary and CEO of Pure Visibility. Living and breathing in the world of search for over 10 years, she is obsessed with her team, the future of search, and transforming the world. Have a question or a smashing idea...ping her on Google+, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @lgirard.

One Response to "Spreading the Internet all over the World"

  • Andrew Miller
    September 12, 2008 - 9:58 am Reply

    I think this is a good thing, and agree that the looks on their faces would quickly change from “what the heck” to “wow!”. Priceless.

    A lot of cynics and pundits in the search world are claiming this is just another revenue generation ploy by Google to gain market share and further tighten their grasp on the Internet. I say, let them! Obviously governments and other NGO’s haven’t yet figured out how to provide internet access to the far reaches of the planet. It’s a game changer and could help flatten the world and level the playing field a little more. Let’s just hope they don’t follow Nigeria’s lead in becoming the world’s largest exporter of spam.

    If a for-profit company can help lessen the knowledge and information gaps between the 1st and 3rd worlds and they happen to make some money off of the venture, is that such a bad thing? Would we rather keep people in the dark just to further regulate Google? I hope not.

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