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A Bright New Addition To the PV Toolbox

We’re excited that our competitive intelligence toolbox just got better.  We recently began using Bright Edge, a tool that automates our performance tracking and reporting capabilities, while offering a wealth of competitive intelligence tools that help our search engine optimization campaigns.  Combined with our analysts’ industry-leading expertise, Bright Edge will help Pure Visibility clients Own Page One™ more effectively and efficiently than ever before!

Bright Edge supports our own analysts’ abilities by delivering a wide range of insightful reports, expediting the mechanics of routine campaign monitoring. With this new tool, our analysts can get to a deeper level of insight more quickly than ever before.  Understanding our clients’ performance in the context of their competitors, we can formulate and adapt our SEO strategies in a far more informed fashion, for the greatest ultimate success.

Bright Edge also enables us to develop custom dashboards for our clients.  These dashboards are similar to the ones used by Google Analytics, and allow us to slice and dice specific intelligence by business unit, product type, or semantic group — a real bonus to our diverse, global clients.

Tools like these take our SEO practice yet another step beyond typical SEO best practices. Pure Visibility is again outpacing our competitors…while helping our clients do the same.

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About Lauren Segall

Lauren Segall is the Office Manager and "Genie" at Pure Visibility since 2010, specializing in a little bit of everything. With a background primarily in Marketing, Public Relations and Event Planning, Lauren also works within PV's Human Resources, Finance and IT departments. You can connect with Lauren on LinkedIn

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