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Getting Ranked High in MSN

Getting ranked well in MSN is relatively easy. The engine still puts heavy weighting on more traditional SEO techniques. It picks up sites quickly and allows new sites to rank with older sites. MSN doesn’t analyze the quality, age, changing nature of links as thoroughly as Google. Getting ranked well in MSN is as easy as:

  1. Write title tags with keyphrases.
  2. Write meta description tags with keyphrases (and probably meta keyword tags as well. Meta keyword tags are borderline useless in Yahoo! and Google; they are good for misspellings or non-competitive phrases that are related to a site’s content. They may still be given weight in MSN.)
  3. Put keyphrases in the body text.
  4. Get links from free generic directories with keyphrases in the anchor text.

Step four is really the key for quick MSN rankings. There are hundreds of free directories,and MSN appears to give just as much weight to them as it would to a link from an industry-related site.

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About Steve Loszewski

Steve Loszewski leads the paid search team at Pure Visibility. He is individually qualified in AdWords, has the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, is an Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Associate, and is a Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform SE 6. Steve has been managing AdWords accounts since 2005 and also has experience in SEO. Most of his time is spent in the trenches, working with keywords, ads, bids, landing pages, placements, etc within the AdWords Interface. You can find him on Google+.

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