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Google Instant – Is Reading Your Mind! Or is it?

You have heard the excitement by now about Google Instant – the new development where Google is reading your mind – predicting what you really want faster. What does this mean for your SEO strategy?

Google Instant is not going to change your rankings, which means that the fundamentals of SEO still apply. The words you decide to use on your site and in your paid search campaigns have just become even more important. Remember, your web site persona needs to match your user persona. This includes the language and words used on each page. You have to be on page one for these important words or you will not reap the rewards of Google Instant.

Long-term user experience could be affected. The way users search may change based on what Google thinks they should be searching for. The top keywords tend to be the top brands – when you type “T” you immediately see Target…subconsciously I have to believe this affects your thought process…or interrupts it if you are not totally focused.

Google Instant Example - Target

When I see the word “Target” I immediately revert to that never-ending shopping list in my head…wonderful for Target but not great for their competitors or for the letter “T” which my daughter will now be programmed to think the letter “T” stands for Target when she searches on Google.

You can turn this feature off. In the screen shot, if you gaze over to the right of the search box the option is available. I wonder how many people will turn it off?

Our analysts will be avidly watching how Google Instant affects conversion rates and user behavior over the next few months. So please stay tuned!

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