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International SEO Infographic

Hey everyone! I wanted to explore a new service called Infogr.am that creates semi-interactive infographics. I needed a topic to play around with, so I chose to create a quick introduction to the concepts and themes of international SEO. Embedded below is my first creation:

Well, I hope you enjoyed the infographic. Keep in mind this is only the most basic introduction to international SEO – more information can be found by Googling these strategies. And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.

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About Taylor Caldron

Taylor Caldron is the SEO Manager at Pure Visibility, specializing in link-building and international SEO, and is experienced in B2B lead generation for industries ranging from industrial metals to foodservice. He began working for Pure Visibility in April 2012 after receiving his Master of Science degree from the University of Michigan. You can find him on Google+.