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Jumpstart Your Business with Pure Visibility

“This was awesome,” said a client at the end of our jump start internet marketing audit session last week. We had just spent the last few hours talking about how he can use Internet marketing to grow his business. We touched on search engine optimization, paid search advertising, social media, and usability. Most importantly for this session, we talked about how to measure his Internet marketing efforts (that’s something we’re pretty big on here at Pure Visibility).

The jump start is an opportunity for a do-it-yourselfer, like the owner of a small company or the lone webmaster, to spend time with Pure Visibility talking about the stuff you need to do to accomplish your Internet marketing goals. We come prepared with recommendations for you, but the session is all about you; we’re there to answer your questions drive the conversation where you want more answers.

The important thing was that we weren’t just giving him a list of stuff to do. Sure, there was a list of recommendations. The part that really mattered, though, was telling the client why. Our goal was to make sure our client could do things for himself after we were done. To answer his questions and help him make his business grow.

It can be scary when you can’t get your business going, when you discover that you’ve just left the lights on all day long and drained the battery. When you don’t have a set of jumper cables and, even if you did, you are alone in the parking lot. With Pure Visibility, though, you’re not alone. Just give us a call and we can jumpstart your business.

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