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SMX East – Its the Place to Be!

We really feel its important to learn, share, and repeat in order to grow as knowledge workers. It’s also very important to our clients that they know we are on top of the latest search engine marketing (SEM) strategies. Therefore, we support industry conferences like SMX East because it gives us a chance to challenge like-minded individuals about the world of SEM.

So I really want to introduce you to one of our amazing analysts, Jeremy Lopatin. We are sending him to SMX East on Monday because he wants to arm wrestle with a few other analysts on the topic of SEO. Using my convenient mobile device – – I took a spontaneous video of him this morning on why SMX East is the place to be on Monday.

Jeremy Lopatin is thrilled about SMX EAST

If you are in New York for the conference you should really connect with Jeremy and test his arm wrestling skills:)!
Twitter: @JeremyLopatin

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