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Don’t Forget to Categorize and Tag Your Blog Posts!

Generally speaking, search engines look at blog posts similarly to the way they evaluate web pages. So, everything you worry about for a normal web page (title tag, linking strategy, etc.) should be taken into consideration for each blog post (If you’re a newcomer to SEO or need just want a general refresher, we recommend you review this on page optimization post by SEOMOZ). In addition, blogs offer two additional elements, which we will focus on today, that can be used to enhance your optimization – categories and tags.


Creating categories on a blog is a way to organize each blog post into similarly related topics. This helps search engines understand what your blog posts are about through their association with other, related content. When creating categories, define them fairly broadly so that similarly themed posts can be placed within the same category. Each blog post should be assigned as few categories as possible – ideally only one.


Tags are similar to categories in the sense that they offer the ability to group together similar blog posts. However, post tags tend to be much more granular in nature, describing the various aspects of your posts in greater detail then a category might. Each new blog post can use existing tags that have already been created, or create new ones that more accurately describe the post’s subject matter. Each blog post should be tagged with a handful of descriptive tags.

Where Do I Create Categories and Post Tags?

Each blogging platform is different, but for WordPress (which is what we use) the categories and tags can be found on the right hand side of the “add new/edit post” screen. We’ve provided a quick screen shot below for your reference. The category area is highlighted in red, while the tag area is highlighted in blue.

Optimize Blog Categories and Tags Screen Shot

Creating categories for your blog and tagging each post with relevant keyphrases is a great way to help achieve your optimization goals. It only takes a few additional minutes to do and is well worth your time so get in the habit of doing this before you publish each and every post.

Good luck and happy tagging!

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