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ArbCamp – A social media community event in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Pure Visibility is proud to have co-sponsored ArbCamp, a meeting of students, coders, designers, entrepreneurs, newbies, and experts.

ArbCamp was an “unconference“, modeled on Open Space Technology, with sessions self-organized by the participants on the day of the event. Given the nature of the event, the schedule was created and recreated several times, but here is a sample photo showing one iteration of the schedule.

Initial Session Lineup, originally uploaded by heidigoseek.

Essentially, the themes were (in no particular order) social media, blogging, search engine optimization, online communities, technology, outsourching, internet marketing, arborWiki, photography, start ups, geography, data standards, parenting, and lunch. The day was capped by a keynote by Joseph Jaffe.

Most importantly, it got a diverse group of folks meeting each other, making connections, and reinforcing that we do have vibrant community of creative folks here in the midwest. A highlight for me was interacting with the students, from University of Michigan, Washtenaw Community College, Kettering University, Wayne State University, Michigan State University, and U of D Jesuit High School.

Want to learn more? Try arbcamp.jaiku.com for photos, blog entries, and links about ArbCamp.

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