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Facebook Business Strategy

I recently wrote a blog post asking if your business is using Twitter effectively. Today I’d like to tackle the topic of corporate Facebook accounts. Coca-Cola was recognized by Slate magazine as the number one Big Money Facebook account. What’s unique about their page is it was created by a fan; theirs is an authentic page made by two Coke aficionados.

The importance of authenticity within Social Media must be stressed here. These Coke enthusiasts wanted to “fan” their favorite soda-pop on Facebook but couldn’t find an official page so they created one. Once corporate got wind of this they did the right thing; they embraced the page, made it official and added all sorts of advanced applications. As of January 15th they have 4,142,073 fans. Wow.

Now I’ll move to an unsuccessful, unauthentic Facebook page that turned a corner . . .

Walmart’s official Facebook page started out with few posts and even less fans. Their “fans” often left disparaging comments and even questioned why the page existed.

Since then Walmart has taken a page from their peers and warmed up to Facebook by using their site to promote discounts and foster positive comments from their fans. Over the holidays they added applications linking to Black Friday specials, online deals and they even launched a charity-related application.

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