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Is your Business using Twitter effectively?

Twitter can be a powerful tool for corporations. Marketing possibilities through Twitter feeds are endless; Dell and Amazon MP3 use their Tweets to promote special deals not offered anywhere else. The NBA, on the other hand, keeps their followers apprised of breaking score updates, such as tie games with minutes left. Etsy, the craft-dealer, notifies artists of cool new craft stores in their area and has scavenger hunt giveaways. These companies are among The Big Money Twitter 12, a list of twelve companies recognized by Slate magazine as using Twitter most efficiently.

The similarities these corporations share is that their Tweets are all pertinent to their followers. They listen to what is being said about their brand or company. They give value to their followers whether it’s via discounts, news alert or helpful hints. Most importantly, they use their Twitter account as a place for open dialogue with their followers. It is imperative to remember to engage rather than just promote. Do you have a vote for an excellent Twitter feed?

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