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LinkedIn’s applications – use them to make your professional profile even richer

I’m a fan of LinkedIn. Its helped me keep track of folks I value, and it lets me admire their paths as they move, advance, and change. Yet, now that most social networking sites are allowing me to aggregate my own feeds from elsewhere (think jaiku, friendfeed, being able to syndicate your blog as notes into Facebook, Plaxo Pulse), why should I or you bother aggregating feeds within LinkedIn?

I consider LinkedIn to be my primary professional profile online (due respect to all the others…it’s the leader in my book). The opportunity to enrich it was too good to pass up. As Chris Brogan blogged yesterday Drop everything run to LinkedIn now. What are you waiting for?

If you’re still reading, I hope you’re convinced. In that case, here’s a little more on the mechanics. I set up two applications – WordPress and Google Presentations – in my profile.

WordPress on LinkedIn

Since my personal blog is in WordPress (as is the PV blog), the WordPress application was the place I tried to start. My first attempt wasn’t entirely smooth. My personal blog is powered by WordPress, but I was at first unable to load the blog. I got errors that it could not find a WordPress blog at my personal URL. I started to wonder if it required the blog to be hosted at WordPress.com. But, perhaps it was just a momentary glitch, because now, without further fuss, my blog entries are on display in my profile. (Writing this post caused me to check again. I had actually given up). Success! Here’s what it looks like for PV’s blog in a LinkedIn profile.

Pure Visibility Blog in a LinkedIn profile
And, I especially like the fact that if I want to, I can control which posts feed into my LinkedIn profile, by adding a tag on certain posts. So, if I wanted, I could suppress the posts in which I burble on about my cat from showing up in my professional profile. A nice touch.

WordPress on LinkedIn settings

My only minor whinge is that I’d like to have room for two blogs in my profile, one for Pure Visibility’s Blog, for which I write posts, and one for my personal blog. Since I had to choose, I picked PV’s blog, as it is my more professional blogging face.

Google Presentations

Agile Groupies PresentationWhat was especially fun/liberating for me was the option to embed a presentation, through SlideShare or Google Presentations. I had collaboratively prepared a Google Presentation with other members of Agile Groupies (an Ann Arbor group devoted to agile processes). After presenting, I had completely forgotten about it, but it was there, waiting for me in my Google Docs. The application prompted me to reuse an existing item to help other people understand my approach. Golden. Thanks LinkedIn!

Now at least I understand Chris Brogan’s September 29 blog post “Using Outposts in Your Media Strategy” where he encourages us all to add our RSS feed to LinkedIn. At the time, I couldn’t figure out a way to do it that seemed “feed-esque”. Now there is. Prescient.

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