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Should you market your product with SEO or Social Media?

Search engine marketing is generally better when using a combination of strategies, but marketing budgets are not infinite. How should your company choose between Social Media and Search Engine Optimization strategies? One major consideration that can influence your choice between SEO and Social Media that is not often discussed is the impact of   product maturity.

Products and product categories are generally tracked on a life cycle curve that describe phases of a product’s development. From a marketing perspective, the primary aspect that needs to be considered in each stage is the way that it can be described, and the level of awareness the public has about that product. A Product in early stages often doesn’t have a commonly understood name, and the public has lower awareness about it. Think about how, in the last thirty years, the “mobile cordless cellular handheld telephone” has been shortened to “mobile”, “cell”, or “cell phone”, and think, as well, how many more people are aware of what these devices are.

How does this relate to search engine marketing? Well, each stage matches to a particular marketing strategy. Early stage product growth is driven by the enthusiasm of early adopters who can evangelize to the larger community. They also create the language of need and desire around the product that can be used as the product matures and grows. This makes it a good candidate for a social media campaign, since social media is most effective when being used by enthusiastic, authentic promoters through their online communities.

Mature product growth, in comparison, is driven by effective marketing and branding of known features, most of which can be simply and clearly expressed through simple, short, phrases. Since SEO focuses on widely used and understood keyphrases to generate visibility, it is a strong fit for later stage products.

So what do you have? A new, innovative idea that is going to take the world by storm, once people understand how to talk about it through your cadre of enthusiastic early adopters? Or do you have a well made, high quality or high value product, which just needs to win visibility against its existing competitors? The answer to that question — and how you can take advantage of it through Search Engine Marketing — can provide a lot of interesting ideas for your marketing team’s strategy sessions.

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