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Struggling with that first blog entry? Take a vacation!

I found writing my first blog entry an angst-filled experience. Blogging for me is like eating green vegetables. It’s not that I don’t understand the benefits of green vegetables to my health or haven’t heard the positive impacts of blogging. But simply being informed of the benefits does not make the activity any easier or motivate me to do it more.

As a child, I often had to sit at the dinner table until long after dinner was over. My wise mother made it her mission to get me to eat green vegetables, like peas. I had to sit at the table until my plate was clean. Being blessed (or cursed) with a sensitive palate and a strong will, I sat in defiance at the table, night after night, keeping the peas at bay.

I learned two things from my childhood green vegetable encounters that helped me to overcome the challenge of writing my first blog entry.

  • Focus on something you enjoy. Faced with a plate full of peas, I found if I took a drink of lemonade, something I enjoy tasting, along with a spoonful of the dreaded peas, I could chase the peas down faster and easier than just eating peas alone. So to make that first blog writing experience easier, I chose my vacation to Paris as the subject. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and as someone who used to work in the travel industry, find travel easy to talk about.
  • Don’t wait, just do it. Spending more time thinking about how awful the peas will taste, won’t make them taste any better when you finally get around to eating them. In fact, waiting will likely make your anxiety worse! Have you ever eaten cold peas?

So, get writing that first blog entry. If you need some inspiration, take a vacation!

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