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Three Reasons Facebook Should Keep an Eye on Google+

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Google has been busy. The Panda 2.2 update, global release of the +1 button, and now the launch of their social network, Google+. The new service is directly challenging Facebook and their 700 million users. Does Google’s new social effort have a chance to compete? Here are a few reasons why Facebook may want to keep an eye on Google+.

Potential Integration with Android. 500,000 Android devices are activated each day. Google’s mobile OS is here to stay and is commanding a large share of the mobile device market. Google could bake Google+ features into future builds of Android to make sharing on your mobile device fast and easy. Take a picture and it is automatically uploaded to your profile in the background. Share with your friends a song you’re listening to. Easily link to an article you found online. Providing simple, intuitive features on a user’s mobile device could get them using Google+ on a regular basis.

FacebookGmail has over 200 million monthly users. While this is a far cry from Facebook’s nearly three-quarter billion, its closer than other new services could get. Google accounts can also be used to log into a variety of services, something Facebook users can also do. Facebook will need to be careful of who Google partners with and what services can be logged into using Gmail credentials. Take Netflix for example. Recently Reed Hastings, Netflix’s Chief Executive, announced plans to join Facebook’s board of directors. This could be a sign of Netflix integration into Facebook. Netflix users watching a streaming movie could potentially “Like” the movie or share recommendations with friends. If Netflix or Hulu were to partner with Google+ instead, Facebook could see that as a threat to its share of the social landscape.

Microsoft is betting social search will be the next big thing. Their partnership with Facebook is in an effort to help your friends give you better search results. Google’s launch of the +1 button can directly compete with Bing’s new feature. While many search marketing professionals are waiting to see the effects of social on search, it is safe to say that Google is trying to keep up with Microsoft’s advancements.

It will take a lot of smart moves and time for Google+ to be true competition for Facebook. So far though it would be wise for Facebook to keep tabs on what Google is doing. In the end, competition between the companies is sure to bring on more features and improvements which will greatly benefit the users of both services.

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