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Do you buy technical standards as part of your job? We may want to interview you!

Pure Visibility is working with a company that sells engineering codes and standards to engineers, librarians, and technical professionals to conduct a usability study for their website. We’re interested in learning about how people shop for and purchase standards.

If you are an engineer, librarian, or technical professional that has purchased standards at your current job, we’d like to sit down with you for an hour to talk to you and look at our client’s website together. Our findings will remain confidential and will only be used for this project. We can meet with you during the business day or after work, either at our downtown Ann Arbor office or at any other location in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area that is more convenient for you.

If you are interested, please give us a phone number where we can reach you during the day (and let us know if there are any restrictions on when you’re available to talk). We’d like to get in touch with you for a 15 minute call to ask you a few questions and make sure that you match the profile we’re looking for for this study. Participation in this study will be on a paid basis.

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