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High Touch Customer Service and Ecommerce

Can you still provide “high touch” service through an ecommerce site? Yes.

Touch still happens in ecommerce and can be an important factor in differentiating yourself from your competition. A well-crafted user experience is the touch. Anyone can throw together a website that sells widgets. Crafting an effective and helpful website to sell widgets and combining it with stellar customers service at every point of interaction takes effort and is going to appeal to those with the money to buy a better experience.
Lego is an example of a company that gets it right. Their website may not be perfect, but it is a competent ecommerce site. If offers users suggestions on other products they may like and helpfully keeps track of the products that users have looked at. It slices up their products in multiple ways (such as theme, age, type of product) and the website makes it easy to find seasonal or new items.

What makes Lego high touch goes beyond their website, though. They effectively employ social media – they monitor what their community of fans say about Lego online and sometimes incorporate this information into their decisions. They could do more to talk back to the community, but their current effort to listen is impressive.

Lego shines when customers have problems with their orders or sets that they purchased from third parties. They will send replacement parts to people who have defective parts in their sets and act quickly to correct mistakes they make in orders. They even stopped shipping orders through DHL because of customer complaints.

Ecommerce changes the “touch” factor in the shopping experience. A well-crafted, usable website gives you the opportunity to provide a delightful user experience. You can build expertise into the site. A well-crafted website can anticipate the information that customers need and arrange it in a way that makes sense to the users. If you want a really high touch customer experience, you can let people go off the rails and make special requests. Let people talk to a real person when they want to (and don’t hide your phone number!).

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