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New Blog to Watch – WhatMakesThemClick.com

Susan Weinshenck, Ph.D. in Psychology and Chief of Technical Staff at Human Factors International, is launching a blog and about to publish a book.

I have heard Susan speak a few times, at World Usability Day and at Internet User Experience conferences, and she is a terrific speaker, thoughtful and animated. Recently I have heard her talk about persuasion – what makes a website or advertising persuasive and user experience designers can improve websites and application experiences with this knowledge.

I’m always happy to learn from what Susan has to say, and I’m excited to subscribe to her blog. I’m sure it will get me thinking. I’ll let you decide for yourself, here are some recent posts:

Here’s info on her upcoming book: Neuro Web Design: What makes them click? (Voices that Matter), available to pre-order now from Amazon.com.

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Dunrie Greiling is the former Chief Operating Officer at Pure Visibility, but her favorite job title at PV was Director of Happiness. She co-authored the book Internet Marketing Start to Finish, published by Pearson Education, Que Publishing. At her personal blog, Scientific Ink, she writes about things like yoga, knitting, and travel. She can be found on Google+, LinkedIn, and microblogs on Twitter as @dunrie.

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