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World Usability Day 2010

Next Thursday, November 11th is World Usability Day 2010, there is a great free event at Michigan State University, not too far from Pure Visibility, and there’s still time to register! This is a great opportunity to learn more about designing mobile applications.
World Usability Day was started by the Usability Professionals’ Association to promote designing technology so that it better serves people. There are events around the world to educate the general public as well as various professionals involved in design about user centered design methods and that it is possible for things to work better. In a way, the message of World Usability Day is “we deserve technology that is easier to use.”

Michigan State University has been the primary force in promoting World Usability Day in Michigan since 2005, and their annual conference once again has a great line-up. The theme of this World Usability Day is communication, and most of the speakers design of mobile applications – an interesting and timely topic.

The event is free and there’s still time to register!

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