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Google Announces: Google Analytics Premium!

Have you heard the big news yet from Google? Today Google publicly announced Google Analytics Premium! For the official announcement, check out Google’s blog.

What is Google Analytics Premium?

Google Analytics Premium is the paid version of Google’s popular free analytics program – Google Analytics Standard Edition. The product is Google’s answer to Enterprise level analytics and according to Google is being used by some of the world’s best known organizations. We can help answer a lot of initial questions, being that we’re a Google Analytics Certified Partner. See Google’s snazzy marketing video below for an overview and introduction to the new product.

Is Google Analytics Premium Available Everywhere?

Although they are hoping to expand quickly into other regions, right now Google Analytics Premium is available for a fixed annual fee (billed monthly) in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Why Pay, When You Can Get It For Free?

Google Analytics Standard Edition will continue to be supported and there are many exciting updates arriving in the near future. That said, Google Analytics Premium will be offering a level of service that is needed only by companies that feel limited within Google Analytics Standard Edition. Below is a summary of the additional features available with Google Analytics Premium.

Processing Power

  • Lifted hit limits – 1 billion hits per month
  • Download unsampled reports – export high data volumes and analyze all your data

Advanced Analysis Tools

  • Attribution modeling – perform attribution modeling on your campaigns to understand full value of all the channels in your media mix
  • More custom variables – 50 custom variables!

Dedicated Support

  • Custom training and support – you get your own account manager along with technical and business training
  • Real live technical support around the clock – 24/7 customer support!


While Premium may not be for everyone, here at Pure Visibility we are extremely excited about it! We believe this service can really benefit our clientele and are looking forward to digging into it and taking full advantage of the new features. For more information, visit Google Analytics Premium or contact Pure Visibility!

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