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How Many Marketing Channels Assist in Your Conversions?

If you are a Fortune 1000 company, chances are you actively use attribution management to justify spend in the many marketing channels that are being used to drive leads or sales through your site. (And if you are not, its time to jump on this or you will be left behind.)

What is attribution management? It’s the science of measuring and analyzing the marketing touch points that your target market produces before they turn into a true conversion. With this information intelligent decisions can be made by analysts on which specific channels, within your marketing strategy provides the best return on investment. For example, an email campaign then a newsletter and a specific paid search ad (in that order) may be the best plan for increasing leads for your specific product. You can prove it…your analytics says so!

Now Google Analytics v5 (still in beta) will be giving us more ways to slice your data and understand how your conversions come to be. Search Engine Land provides a great review of the main highlights of Cross-Media Funnels and the reports available. I am particularly excited about this because it offers a chance for marketing analysts to use Google Analytics to answer more questions around which channels are assisting to help make a conversion reality. In the video below Google does a nice job describing it like it is a basketball game with team members assisting each other to score. Go team!

Understanding how many marketing channels assist in your conversions will help you analyze conversion behavior. And at the end of the day if you can repeat what is working faster than your competition…guess who wins the game.

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Linda is the Visionary and CEO of Pure Visibility. Living and breathing in the world of search for over 10 years, she is obsessed with her team, the future of search, and transforming the world. Have a question or a smashing idea...ping her on Google+, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @lgirard.

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