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Making Data Meaningful: Our Favorite AdWords and Analytics Reports!

Admittedly, the Pure Visibility team often geeks out about tech tools and trends. But one of the really satisfying things that we do is to emerge from the depths of geekdom and share information with clients that shows what’s happening with their online presence, stuff that can help inform decisions about web marketing efforts. Inspired by Google Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik’s “best web analytics report”, we’d like to share a couple of reports that we like, ones that can make your Google Analytics and AdWords talk to you.

Jessica Hullman:
Google Analytics Site Overlay Report

Jessica picked the site analytics report because it’s beautifully simple. It’s an intuitive visual representation of where visitors navigate on a site. See how many times visitors have clicked each link on a page for a period of time you specify. Look at conversion data for the goals you’ve set for your site.

Steve Loszewski:
Google AdWords Search Query Report
Steve went with a report that helps him save advertisers money. Steve looks through the list of Search Queries that cause his ads to display. Then he picks out terms he definitely doesn’t want to show up for (you know the sort I mean). He adds these keywords to his list of negative keywords and his account is on the way to more relevant placement and visits, higher quality scores and lower bids!

Mark Williams Picks:
Google AdWords Keyword Report

AKA the victory lap report. We <3 AdWords because it is measurable, accountable; we can quantify the performance of our online advertising campaigns. Mark uses this this report to show what’s working in his campaigns, which keywords are generating clicks and leading to conversions. Take a look at the settings in the screenshot below; Mark likes his reports to include only the columns that help explain the information he wants to highlight.

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