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Yahoo Web Analytics Beta, Or, The Product Formerly Known as IndexTools

So, in early 2008 Yahoo bought IndexTools. Then, last week, Yahoo announced that they’re beginning to roll out the product born of that acquisition, Yahoo Web Analytics [press release]. It’s not public yet; the beta will expand to more groups over the next year.

No word on the details of the release schedule, but the word from product manager Jitendra Kavathekar is that like Google Analytics, the product will be FREE (as in beer), and “eventually all Yahoo! advertisers, publishers and developers will have access in one way or another.”

The buzz on this product so far?IMG_1660

The feature that people are really excited about is real time reporting. Google Analytics can take up to 24 hours. (Looking for reliable documentation on this.) GAAC’s who saw the index tools product demo say the delay is no more than a couple minutes.

I’m personally interested in the click path display, which looks pretty good. Google Analytics is pretty weak on this, and can actually be pretty confusing. (Ever wonder why your navigation summary shows your previous and next pages the same as the page you’re looking at? Yeah, me too. Explanation here.)

Tough to say when I’ll start using Yahoo Web Analytics on client accounts, but I think having more than one analytics account on a site isn’t a bad idea. Plus, features vary across products, and of course, these tools are just plain fun!

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