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B2B Software Product Finds Success in Social Space

Compuware Corporation, the technology performance company, provides software, experts and best practices to ensure technology works well. The individual Compuware business units deliver value for 46 of the top 50 Fortune 500 Companies and 12 of the 20 most visited websites in the US.

The Problem

Pure Visibility supports Compuware’s global strategic marketing efforts through pay per click campaign management and optimization, search engine optimization and web analytics reporting.

The APM business unit within Compuware provides tools optimizing and managing website performance, as well as application performance, including mobile apps. Typically their prospects are enterprise-level IT managers.  The APM business unit’s team is always looking for new lead generation channels and wanted to explore social media advertising, but how to do that and still get measurable business impact?

The Solution

The APM business unit opted to conduct a pilot pay per click advertising campaign in social media. A portion of the online advertising budget was reserved for incremental spend to explore generating traffic from unconventional channels.

Although the software product is sold B2B, the pilot project was in Facebook, primarily a leisure-time site, instead of LinkedIn or other business social media sites. Facebook was selected for its international reach, high traffic volume, and the ability to target ads based on job title and interests.

To target the campaign, the advertising team specified males over thirty with college degrees and careers in web development or Internet marketing, particularly with management job titles as the demographic identifiers in Facebook. This not only pinpointed the target audience for the pilot campaign, but also aligned with the existing customer profile.

In addition, instead of using a traditional ad with a landing page, the team decided to include three different free product trials as an added incentive to encourage higher clickthrough and conversion rates. The product trials had a low entry cost, i.e. filling out a simple form, and displayed results (after running the free trial) that were of immediate value to the visitor.

Having a simple call to action that quickly provided something of value was essential to the campaign’s success.

The Results

By narrowly defining the campaign demographics and having a compelling offer, the pilot advertising program generated over 475 new leads in two weeks’ time with a lower cost per lead than other channels, results which exceeded expectations.

The pilot campaign was so successful in generating new leads that the APM team decided to continue marketing on Facebook, clearly a viable medium for their B2B product. The team redefined the scope to include multiple test ads to optimize the campaign.

Facebook ads are now a main source of new leads for the APM business unit, generating over 350 leads per month. Continuous optimization of the account has lowered the cost per click by 50%, which generates more traffic with the same budget, which in turn generates more leads. The campaign continues to run as a part of the core online marketing campaign, with new ads in frequent rotation.

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