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Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers, whether they are selling to other manufacturers, businesses, or directly to consumers, frequently struggle with how Internet marketing tools can make a difference to their sales.

At Pure Visibility, we’ve worked with a number of manufacturers on all aspects of Internet marketing, from getting found in the search engines to running an online advertising campaign or exploring what social media can achieve.

The Education Curve

Your customers need to understand not only specifics about the product you manufacture, but the quality level they’ll receive, and the partnership support you provide for the lifetime of that product. That’s a lot to communicate to a potential new customer, which can be a significant education curve.

At Pure Visibility, we’ve tackled this situation many times for manufacturers, with sound Internet marketing strategy and analytics that track what’s really happening during your product education and sales cycles. Let our analysts leverage our manufacturing expertise in Internet marketing for your business.

Sample of Manufacturing Clients

A few of our manufacturing clients have also given video testimonials.

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How We Work with Vertical Industries

Unlike most agencies, Pure Visibility has a strict “no competitor” policy when selecting clients. Once you sign on as a client, we will not undermine the work we do for you by working for one of your competitors.

In the case of the manufacturing industry, most companies segment themselves by their product offerings and target keywords. For example, “clean room laser welders” or “bearing supplier”.

Pure Visibility’s Manufacturing industry expertise can help you unleash your site’s potential.

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