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International Internet Marketing

If you are like most large enterprises, you bring a unique set of visibility issues to the table for a search engine marketing collaboration. Whether you are marketing internationally or coming to us from abroad, we can help you manage multiple web properties across different languages and cultures.

Our business analysts love the complexity and extra challenge an international internet marketing project brings, and are always exploring new ways to increase the visibility of multiple websites across various search engines in different geographic markets. Here is a snapshot of how our services scale internationally.

Global SEO

Working with multiple international markets (and several websites in different languages) requires that you work with a search engine optimization partner that knows the technical best practices of international internet marketing inside and out. You need to apply international SEO best practices to avoid issues:

  • Clarify language, URLs, and web property structures for different international search engines, including the effectiveness of English language duplicates (.co.uk, .au, etc.).
  • Avoid duplicate content in one or more languages, to ensure your ranking is not diluted. Clear definition of site structures are needed for Google and the other search engines to interpret content properly for SEO.
  • Take advantage of geo-targeting opportunities provided by the search engines (such as Google’s latest guidelines for for specifying country- or language-specific content), which essentially spoon feeds instructions to the spiders for sifting and sorting your content correctly.
  • Set up your analytics and site monitoring across all websites to monitor changes in rank appropriately, based on your geographic reporting needs.
  • Define priorities for translation and localization resources based on traffic levels and a review of your web analytics data across international website properties.

International Pay Per Click

Pay per click campaigns often run internationally, even if only one language (i.e. English) is involved. You need to ensure that the pay per click spend is realistic and well-managed globally, whether you are running the campaign in Google AdWords, other ad platforms, social media, or a combination. Often, a company is ready to test an international pay per click campaign, if they are managing a more mature U.S.-based campaign but are actually able to sell internationally. Here are a few common global pay per click areas to be taken into account:

  • Time zones across your campaigns, to ensure that ads are not displaying in Australia at 3:00 a.m.
  • Budget planning, to optimize your ad spend based on your market reach in different countries.
  • Traffic patterns combined with business goals, to meet your needs, such as a revenue-to-expense ratio.

To ensure a better conversion rate, we recommend applying global user experience best practices to your landing pages and calls to action.

International Web Analytics

Several of our international clients require a common web analytics dashboard, tying everything together into a rolled up version for executive review yet still allowing individual field offices or business units to dig deeper into the data that’s important to them.

Global User Experience

Simply translating your website from one language to another is insufficient in today’s marketplace. Content not only needs to be prepared before translation occurs, using “world-ready English” and removing ambiguous writing, but the global user experienceneeds to be considered as well. A landing page or website call to action that converts well in one language or culture does not necessarily convert well in another. Pure Visibility partners with global enterprises to provide remote usability studies or to localize the user experience to improve online conversions. Our user experience team specializes in increasing and optimizes website conversions. We can easily work with your field offices to conduct remote usability studies to gather the information needed to improve your conversion rates across all international internet marketing campaigns.

International Social Media

Part of our social media strategy services can include how to adjust your message when targeting international social media channels. What works well in one culture or language may not work at all in another, particularly in a more casual (social) environment where cultural subtleties are more relevant. We also help you look at the search engines outside North America and ensure that the data is wired into your web analytics for all of the social media channels (worldwide) that you are using to engage your target market.

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