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Mobile Internet Marketing

When you’re moving into the mobile arena with your Internet marketing programs, you need expertise in analytics, user experience, and SEO or pay per click to make it work for your mobile visitors. That’s where Pure Visibility’s mobile marketing services come in.

Mobile SEO

Mobile users behave differently than their desktop counterparts, and they search for information differently.

The user experience on a mobile device differs as well, because people interact with content differently.

Location drives mobile SEO. Mobile users are more likely to be performing local searches, so “location, location, location” becomes paramount in mobile SEO. To ensure the success of your mobile internet marketing campaign, make sure you optimize for geographic keywords for mobile content.

Pay Per Click Mobile Ads

People on the go are more likely to click to call on a mobile ad to find what they need.

Let the mobile PPC experts at Pure Visibility craft a mobile-specific pay per click campaign for your company. Read one mobile case study about the success we’ve had with our mobile marketing services.

Mobile Web Analytics

At the heart of both SEO and pay per click for mobile devices are the analytics tracking and monitoring mobile user behavior. Mobile analytics tell you the full story behind how visitors interact with your website using mobile devices.

Which pages do they visit? What actions do they take? How long do they stay on key pages? What’s the conversion rate and how can you improve it?

Mobile User Experience

While analytics may have some clues as to how mobile users interact with your website, to get the full picture you need to apply mobile usability testing techniques. The data you’ll gather can be used to improve the user experience for mobile users.

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