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Facebook Ad Management

Facebook garners over a billion advertising impressions per day.

Are you running a Facebook pay per click campaign yet?

High Traffic, High Targeting

Even better, you can use the demographic, psychographic, and “interest” targeting features within Facebook to uniquely target and connect people to your brand.

Try marketing “specials” to them, and use a frequent rotation to keep things fresh in your Facebook pay per click campaign. Leverage the information from the personas (target customer profiles) you’ve developed in your Facebook ads management.

Facebook: It’s Not Just for B2C

Our Facebook ads management services have proven that Facebook PPC excels as a B2B pay per click platform as well as for B2C. Read a case study about one such experience with Compuware.

Sponsored Newsfeed Ads

In addition to traditional social media ads, Facebook offers sponsored newsfeed placement, allowing you to highlight certain items within the newsfeed of your target audience. This should be of particular interest to all Facebook advertisers, as it increases your ranking when you sponsor this in conjunction with other Facebook advertising.

Already Have a Social Media Company?

No problem! Pure Visibility regularly partners with social media agencies… they handle the messaging, and we add our targeting, analytics, and measurement expertise to boost their impact.

Pure Visibility’s Facebook ad management services can help you unleash your site’s potential.

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