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Social Media Marketing Services

Social media and Web 2.0 are here to stay. Are you taking advantage of all the possibilities? Make sure you’re incorporate social media in both your SEO and pay per click efforts. Or take advantage of our social media services to expand your digital marketing.

Social Media SEO

Our social media marketing services targets audiences using each social media platform in unique ways. Prospective customers might use primarily one platform, while existing customers prefer another social media tool, and potential employees yet another one. The keywords that form your SEO foundation will differ as a result of the variety of target audiences you have, and their social media use. Whether you’re providing a marketing channel on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, industry blogs, or any combination of these, you need to ensure that your core website SEO efforts are tied into your social media SEO, to support each other. 

Social Media Pay Per Click

Many companies are taking advantage of the unique demographic targeting (and often lower costs) associated with social media pay per click campaigns. Even B2B enterprises can make an impact to sales by branching out into social media campaigns. The world of social media advertising is continuously evolving, you need to stay on top of the changes to take advantage of some of the advertising opportunities available. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are always finding new ways to attract advertisers and build revenue. Keep ahead of your competition by building a social media pay per click campaign with the analysts at Pure Visibility.

Web Analytics for Social Media

Your analytics setup is critical to your social media marketing strategy and the success of your efforts. How do you know which messages, promotions, or ads drive traffic to the key pages on your website unless you have analytics tracking code in place to review regularly? Social media analytics can identify how social media users are looking at your content, track conversion rates across social media platforms. More importantly, analytics in social media let you measure “predictive analytics” providing insight into how potential customers educate themselves about your products or services. Analytics also let you track reactions, conversations, and interactions across multiple social media platforms (including blog comments). Pure Visibility’s social media listening services provide a broader picture of what people are saying about your brand.

Already Have a Social Media Company?

No problem! Pure Visibility regularly partners with social media agencies… they handle the messaging, and we add our targeting, analytics, and measurement expertise to boost their impact.

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