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Usability Testing

At Pure Visibility, our usability testing services aim to gather data about how real users interact with a site to reach their goals. To accomplish that, we often employ remote usability testing techniques which allow users to perform a series of tasks on their own computer.

At other times, such as when a live website isn’t available, we conduct in-person usability tests using paper prototypes. In-person testing lets us learn a lot more about how people interact with a site than with remote testing.

About Remote Usability Testing

Remote usability testing is just that — where usability test moderator and observers are separated physically from the usability test participants.

This technique is particularly useful when testers are spread geographically or across multiple time zones. The “real world” testing environment is another major advantage to this method.

Remote usability testing can be conducted using specialized remote testing and monitoring tools, the telephone, or a combination of the two. Remote testing can be done asynchronously (without the tester and evaluator interacting simultaneously during the test), if the project constraints require it.

About In-person Usability Testing

Conducting in-person usability testing has a couple of advantages. It can be done with simple paper prototypes instead of a complete website. It also provides a much richer set of data about participants and their interaction with your website.

Testing a website under development like this ensures that major bugs are worked out up front, before a large development investment is made.

The basics of in-person usability testing are the same as in remote usability testing: a user walks through a series of tasks (such as filling out a form to download a whitepaper) designed by the usability tester, and qualitative and quantitative data are collected to inform the website redesign process.

How do the Pure Visibility experts define a usability test? We base it on a discovery of important stakeholder goals, then define the goals and tasks we want to evaluate during the test sessions.

A Remote Usability Testing Case Study

How does this work in the real world? Read about how we applied our usability testing techniques for one client, and achieved higher conversion rates for individual schools for the second-largest child care provider in North America.

Pure Visibility’s website usability testing services can help you unleash your website’s potential.

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