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Web Analytics Services

Google Analytics (and Google Analytics Premium) are some of the website analysis tools that provide detailed, business-oriented data about your site’s visitors through a powerful web-based user interface. Such tools show you how users actually interact with your site, allowing you to close the gap between site visits and conversions.

The capacity of web analytics to provide insight into how people use web properties is almost limitless. But taking advantage of these powerful tools means more than just installing one: to get results, you must know how to use it. 

That’s where Pure Visibility’s web analytics services can help. We have the expertise to focus it on the specific business needs of your organization.

Web Analytics Services

Let us help you:

  • Install and properly configure web analytics to track your business goals.
  • Use analytics and paid search together to maximize ROI.
  • Learn what keywords your visitors are really using to boost your search engine ranking.
  • Learn how to maintain your analytics account.

Website analytics are the key to making informed decisions on website marketing. Otherwise, how can you measure your progress?

With good website tracking, website KPIs and metrics can be integrated into your business decision-making and feed user behavior data into your website planning process. Let our web analytics consultants configure your analytics properly.

About Our Analytics Practice

Our web analytics expertise includes:

  • Web analytics planning, deployment, and configuration for international and enterprise-level businesses.
  • As a company, we are a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, Yahoo! certified, and an Urchin Authorized Reseller.
  • Call tracking: connecting phone call data to your online and offline marketing activities.
  • Deploying solutions to capture lead source data into your customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Finding insights within your analytics data on mobile use, social media, and other metrics important to your business.

Analytics Case Studies

Our featured analytics case study shares the story of how we helped Learning Care Group better understand their web visitors.

We also helped The Kellogg Company deploy a common Google Analytics dashboard for over 40 brands; from All-Bran to Rice Krispies, with our web analytics services.

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