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Your Goals

Like all of Pure Visibility’s clients, you want to generate leads and – more importantly – conversions. In other words, you want bang for your buck when you invest in internet marketing.

We can help you with that.

Helping You Reach Your Goals: Efficiently and Quickly

While we like to flex our creative muscle, we also help you meet your bottom line. We’re ready to answer the tough questions:

  • How do you use analytics to track and manage multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey?
  • Will I see monthly boardroom-ready progress reports that show both the trends and specific details, with multiple views for both the headquarters and every field office internationally?

Yes we can, and do, for our clients every day. Take a look at some of the results below. But don’t take our word for it: Listen to some client testimonials, too.

Real Business Impact

Here are some of the results we’ve delivered for our clients. Results vary for different competitive markets and industries, but in each case, we significantly moved the needle. That’s the PV advantage.

SEO Results

Actual results from SEO projects include:

  • Increased non-branded traffic by 120%.
  • Improved lead growth by 38%.
  • Exceeded all of our own projections for annual call volume, lead conversions, and growth.
  • Increased monthly online sales from $20K to $200K in the first year.

Learn how we got these SEO results.

Pay-Per-Click Results

Actual results from pay per click projects include:

  • Increased gross sales by 354%.
  • Increased conversions by 55% without an increase in ad spend.
  • Maintained advertising spend while increasing ROI.
  • Increased conversions by 25.9%.
  • Doubled the number of qualified monthly leads from paid search.
  • Lowered campaign costs from $80 to $8 per conversion.
  • Tripled the number of conversions, year over year.
  • Matched the previous year’s annual conversions in the first three months of engagement.
  • Increased paid search revenue by 342.1%.

Learn how we got these pay-per-click results.

Analytics Results

Actual results from analytics projects include:

  • Increased ROI by 74%.
  • Integrated performance metrics across 40 web properties with 11 design agencies.
  • Increased ROI by 201.6%.
  • Exceeded expectations for multi-tiered reporting requirements.

Learn how we got these analytics results.

Social Media Results

Actual results from social media projects include:

  • Discovered a valuable new source of business through B2B advertising on Facebook.
  • Reached new prospects and determined which website topics resonated with prospects through tracking code within social media.
  • Reduced social advertising campaign costs by 50% through optimization.
  • Gathered metrics about how social users and mobile users access and use the brand, then delivered the strategy to revamp the website.

Learn how we got these social media results.

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